We love bad movies.

Not "bad" in the traditional sense, but just films that mainstream critics and movie-goers have left behind.


Episode 109

Published on:

2nd Jun, 2023


Published on:

29th May, 2023

Episode 108

Published on:

26th May, 2023

Episode 107

Published on:

19th May, 2023


Published on:

16th May, 2023

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About the Podcast

Bad Movies Rule!
Giving love to the unloved film.
A comedy podcast for people who love so-called bad movies. The gang at Bad Movies Rule dive into movies that have either been declared bad by critics or audiences to see if they really deserve to be on the trash pile or if they actually rule. Come have a laugh with us!
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James Hauser

James has been a filmmaker for 16 years, and prior to that was part of a sketch comedy improv group, Enough Stupid, which debuted in Chicago in 2004. A writer at heart, one of his favorite hobbies is curating movie quote lists (big time alpha-male flex there). James and his family now reside in Burlington, WI.